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Replacement AMPEREX 5868/TB4/1250 Glass Triode Bulb $430
Unit Price:$430.00
Model No.︰ 5868/TB4/1250
Brand Name︰UVMART
Country of Origin︰USA
Added time:2019-06-20
Product Details

The 5868/TB4/1250 is a glass triode could be totally replaced Amperex. The 5868/TB4/1250 is primarily used in industrial applications.

Key Attributes Value
Output Power 1.7 kW
Cooling Forced Air 
Filament Voltage 10 V
Filament Current 9.9 A
Amplification Factor 28 μ
Note:generally under matched load can be naturally cooled,but the equipment must be well ventilated,if in a non-matched load,high pressure,high-frequency conditions required for forced air cooling,ventillation should be through the outllet from the tube at the bottom.

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