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585mm 3300W Simulated sunlight ipl hid long arc xenon lamp $235
Unit Price:$235.00
Model No.︰ 585mm 3300W
Brand Name︰OEM
Country of Origin︰USA
Added time:2024-03-17
Product Details

585mm 3300W Simulated sunlight ipl hid long arc xenon lamp

Warranty Time  (h)          


Working Voltage(V)

Working Current  (A)      

Overall Length (mm)       

Installation Length(mm)          

Electrode Distance  (mm)       

Lamp shell OD(mm) 









 Product Features:


Long arc xenon lamps can be used to simulate solar spectra, which can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated aging tests for scientific research, product development, and quality control.


It obviously has good performance, high efficiency emitting light and instant brightness, therefore widely used in fading test boxes and artificial simulation of the sunlight testing, photochemical reactions, plant cultivation, etc., it can also be used for fabric color inspection, aging experiments on fabrics, plastics, drugs, rubber, etc., artificial climate chambers, photochemical testing, learn reactions and electrostatic copying, etc. The accessories that can be used for the complete set of tubular long arc xenon lamps include: lamp tubes, ballasts, triggers, reflectors, button switches, etc., can customize long arc xenon lamps of various specifications and lengths.


Operational Principle:


Long arc xenon lamp is a type of quartz bubble shell filled with an appropriate amount of high-purity xenon gas with a thorium tungsten, barium tungsten, or cerium tungsten electrode with a pole distance greater than 100mm. Long arc Xenon lamps have two types of natural cooling: natural cooling and water cooling. Xenon lamps are generally charged (2.66~26.6) x 102pa xenon gas, water-cooled xenon lamp charged (1.33-5.32) x 104pa. Xenon gas has a color temperature of 5500-6000K, a power of 102-2 × 106KW, and a luminous efficiency of 24-37lm/w. The luminous efficiency of water-cooled long arc xenon lamps can reach 60lm/W, with a general lifespan of 1000h. The power of long arc xenon lamps can be very high, the volt ampere characteristic has a positive resistance characteristic, so only the starting device needs to be installed, and its specifications include: ballast and non ballast.


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