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172nm Excimer Lamps 40W
Unit Price:$3850.00
Model No.︰ U172P40
Brand Name︰OEM
Country of Origin︰USA
Added time:2021-08-20
Product Details

Excimer Vacuum Ultraviolet Lamp

National-level imported technology projects, international cutting-edge optoelectronic technology;

The light source emits 7.2eV high-energy photons, which is higher than the 6.69eV of the 185nm mercury lamp, which is enough to open the molecular bonds of most organic substances in nature and overcome the inherent technical bottleneck of the mercury lamp;

The light source produces more Strong UV output, incoherent light, which is conducive to large-area irradiation processing;

Induction lamp with tube structure, which has a greatly extended service life;

Turning on and running is not affected by ambient temperature;

The light source can be restarted immediately without preheating, Ready to use; The lamp tube does not contain mercury, no secondary pollution, and is green and environmentally friendly.

Lamp Life:Air cooling for 1500 hours, water cooling for 4000 hours



Main technical data:



Lamp model



172 nm

Rated power

40 W

Lamp length/luminous length

156/116 mm

Lamp lead

φ3x300 mm

Cooling method

water cooling/forced air Cooling

Dedicated power supply model


Dedicated power supply


Power supply automatic protection

overheating and load open circuit protection

Power supplycooling method

forced air cooling

Input/output lead

φ2.4x300/φ6x300 mm

Appearance size

180(L)x70(W)x53 (H) mm

Gross weight

1 kg


Note: The above technical indicators are subject to update without notice. If users have special requirements, they can be specially designed and customized.


Typical application field:

The energy of excimer vacuum ultraviolet photon with wavelength of 172nm is as high as 7.2 eV, which is enough to open most molecular bonds in nature, and can realize photochemical reactions that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional low-pressure mercury lamps. It can be widely used in:

Surface cleaning . It can be used in the cleaning process of wafer and flat panel display manufacturing, cleaning masks, and removing photoresist;

Surface etching and modification (such as polyimide, fluorine materials, etc.).

Low-temperature photochemical vapor deposition (Photo-CVD). Such as electronic film Ta2O5 and HfO2, etc.;

Photo-oxidation, photo-annealing. Such as processing electronic thin film SiO2 to improve its stoichiometry;

Photocatalytic metallization at room temperature. Such as plating metal electrodes on the plastic surface;

Surface activation to increase surface tension and wettability;

Organic degradation. Such as photodegradation of VOCs and malodorous odor treatment, removal of total organic carbon (TOC) to produce ultrapure water, treatment of micro-pollution of drinking water, decomposition of pesticide residues, photochemical decolorization of printing and dyeing wastewater;

High-purity ozone generator.


Schematic diagram of lamp installation and wiring:

It is recommended that the lamp be fixed and installed at both ends of the lamp head at the same time. The leads at both ends of the lamp cap are respectively connected to the two thick-wired output terminals of the dedicated power supply as shown in the figure, and confirm that the ground wire E of the dedicated power supply terminal is reliably connected to the earth.

The price includes power supply

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